Fishers & Farmers Partnership

Fishers & Farmers Partnership

Fishers & Farmers Partnership

Board recognized March, 2010

Our vision rests on a belief that the combined experience, knowledge and skills of fishers and farmers can measurably improve the health of land and streams in the altered landscape of the Upper Mississippi River Basin. To advance this purpose, rural landowners voluntarily develop and implement science=based solutions to local water quality issues, with the support of conservationists. As landowners achieve their own goals for conservation and sustainable prosperity, successful practices will be demonstrated and effects measured, lessons will be learned and shared throughout the basin, and ultimately a globally significant landscape will be renewed.

The Fishers & Farmers Partnership works with landowners to add value to farms while restoring aquatic habitat, both on site and downstream on the Mississippi River. Approved projects are led by landowners, with flexible cost-share funding and technical support provided by conservation partners. Our aim is to keep profitability high and soil and nutrients on the land. Projects selected by landowners often include: Stabilization of eroding stream banks, Reconnection to floodplain, Construction of in-stream habitat, Installation of prairie andforest buffers, exploration of alternative land uses, optimization of fertilizer application rates, enhanced grazing rotations, fenced creeks, or better watering systems.

Clean water is essential for the health, quality of life, and prosperity of each person in the Mississippi River Basin. Likewise, the health of every organism and stream on the river, from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, depends upon a clean flow of water. The Fishers & Farmers Partnership was recognized by the Board in March 2010.


Heidi Keuler