Bayou Pierre and Tributaries in Copiah, Hinds, and Lincoln Counties, Mississippi

Purpose of the project:
Extensive headcutting has resulted in increased sediment loads within Bayou Pierre and its tributaries, which has negatively impacted habitats used by several fish species including the Federally threatened bayou darter. Over 50% of the land adjacent to Bayou Pierre has been converted to fields or pastures causing increased bank erosion and sediment loads. The purpose of this project will install conservation measures to reduce sediment and improve water quality within the Bayou Pierre systems by leveraging existing conservation practices available through programs in NRCS and other landowner assistance programs.

Human Interest/Community Benefit:
The bayou darter is only found in the Bayou Pierre River and its tributaries. Habitat degradation due to increased sedimentation has been identified as a major contributor to the reduction in bayou darter numbers. This system also is important to a number of other fish species and local recreation users. Numerous game fish occur in the Bayou Pierre and will be benefited by this project including white bass, spotted bass, largemouth bass, black crappie, white crappie, bluegill, warmouth, green sunfish, black bullhead catfish, longear sunfish, and redear sunfish. These populations will increase through habitat restoration. These projects will also increase food sources for these game species and benefit the bayou darter, a Federally threatened species, endemic to the Bayou Pierre River and its tributaries.

Project Timeline:
2015-2016: Specific project site selection, survey, and design of proposed conservation practices.
2016-2018: Installation of conservation practices for previously identified projects.

Economic Calculator results:
Jobs: 3.4786
Total Sales: $293,464.21
Value Added: $166,541.19
Income: $123,565.64

Project Partners: Jackson Mississippi Ecological Services Office (USFWS), NRCS, and the Bayou Pierre Watershed Enhancement Group, Fish America Foundation, Mississippi Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Various Private Landowners.

Project Submission by:
The Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership

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