Bear River Estuary, Washington

Conservation Action: The Bear River Estuary Restoration project would restore 500 acres of high quality, estuarine habitat on the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge. Re-establishment of natural estuarine processes and habitats will benefit a diverse array of aquatic and avian species including marine invertebrates, salmon and trout, shorebirds, and waterfowl. Restoration will provide habitat for juveniles salmon, reconnect spawning streams for salmon and trout, and contribute to the overall health of Willapa Bay.

<strong>Project Partners:</strong>
Ron Craig, Craig Enterprises, Project Design
John Evans, NDC Timber
Western Washington Fisheries Resource Office and Columbia River Fisheries Office
Friends of Willapa National Wildlife Refuge
Willapa Fisheries Enhancement Group and the Salmon Recovery Funding Board
AMEC Earth and Infrastructure, Inc.
Herrera Environmental
Ducks Unlimited.
Sustainable Fisheries Foundation.
Washington Coast Sustainable Salmon Partnership.


2013 Waters to Watch