Conner Creek, California

The Conner Creek Project will provide full passage for all life stages of coho salmon and steelhead by removing two culverts. Conner Creek flows directly into the Trinity River, a tributary of the Klamath River. The first phase, accomplished in 2011, provides full fish and flood/debris passage; eliminates the potential for sediment; decreases the potential for upstream headcutting; improves flow capacity; reintroduces large wood routing in the stream, and restores natural stream function.

The second phase removal of the culvert at Red Hill Road will build on the benefits of the completed first phase of the project and is scheduled for summer 2012. The completion of both Conner Creek project opens 2.5 miles of habitat to adult and juvenile salmonids. This project is part of a larger effort by the Five Counties Salmonid Conservation Program (5C). The 5C Program serves the counties of northwestern California - Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, Siskiyou, and Trinity. The goal of 5C is to formulate strategic land use conservation standards and implement practices to restore fisheries habitat.

2012 outcomes:
The First project, at Conner Creek Road, has been completed and will be actively monitored for three years. The second project at Red Hill Road will begin July of 2012.

Northern California Resource Conservation and Development Council: Five Counties Salmonid Conservation Program
California Coastal Conservancy
California Department of Fish and Game Fisheries Restoration Grant Program
Trinity County Department of Transportation
National Association of Counties
United States Forest Service Resource Advisory Committee (RAC)
US Forest Service/National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
US Bureau of Reclamation-Trinity River Restoration Program Watershed Restoration Program LanMark Forestry

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