Crane Lake, Minnesota

The Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership is proposing to replace an undersized and perched culvert at the outlet from Crane Lake with one that is more appropriately-sized, creating connectivity from waterbodies downstream. Crane Lake currently has lower populations than downstream lakes of migratory fish species such as walleye, white sucker, and numerous minnow species including the weed shiner, a species of greatest conservation need, which is listed in Minnesota’s State Wildlife Action Plan. We expect that the project will increase fish community resiliency. If walleye numbers increase, it will benefit anglers.

Human Interest/Community Benefit: The Crane Lake Fish Passage project will connect upstream Crane and Belmont Lakes to downstream Clitherall Lake, allowing important game species such as Walleye and Northern Pike to travel among lakes providing more resilient fish populations for popular fisheries on the lakes. These lakes are within 2-3 hours of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN and 1.5 hours of St. Cloud, MN and Fargo, ND, so this project will benefit and serve as an example to anglers from multiple states and markets. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is collaborating with the local township to accomplish the project.

Project Timeline: Project match dollars have already been awarded by Minnesota’s Clean Water, Land, and Legacy program. Once a USFWS contract is created, construction will begin and is anticipated to be complete fall 2017.

Economic Calculator results:
State: MN
Administrative/Technical Services Expenditures: $35,600
Construction Materials Expenditures: $14,400
Construction Labor Expenditures: $0
Jobs: 0.9598
Total Sales: USD 98,533.28
Value Added: USD 54,796.24
Income: USD 40,859.65

Partners: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and Otter Tail County

Additional information:
The Crane Lake Fish Passage project has been approved by the Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership and a contract is under preparation with USFWS. The project is in alignment with NFHP strategic plan objective 1, addressing the ecosystem process of connectivity.

*Please include high resolution photos as part of your submission: See photos below; additional photos can be provided after site visits by the MGLP coordinator in July.

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